How To Calculate Old-age Pension

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How To Calculate Old-age Pension
How To Calculate Old-age Pension

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The calculation and accrual of old-age labor pensions is carried out in accordance with the law "On labor pensions". According to this document, the amount of monthly payments of Russian pensioners since the beginning of 2010 consists of the insurance and funded parts.

How to calculate old-age pension
How to calculate old-age pension


Step 1

To calculate the old-age pension, first determine the pension capital: PC = PC1 + SV + PC2. To do this, calculate the estimated amount of pension (RP) as the ratio of the product of the seniority coefficient and the average monthly salary for any period of 60 months (ZR) to the product of the average monthly salary in the country for the same period (WR) and the average monthly salary for the period from 1.07 to 30.09.2001 year, which is 1,671 rubles.

Step 2

Take into account the value of ZR / ZP no more than 1, 2. The seniority ratio is determined by law at 0.55 with a total experience of 25 and 20 years for men and women, respectively. For each year over these figures, 0, 01 is added, but not more than 0, 2.

Step 3

Calculate PK1 as follows: PK1 = (RP - 450 rubles) x T, where T is the number of months of the "survival" period, which is today 228 months (nineteen years). Determine the amount of valorization as 10% of the sum of PK1 and add 1 percent for every year of employment until 01.01.1991. Sum up the obtained values ​​of PK1, PK2 and SV, which is the sum of contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Step 4

Calculate the insurance part of the pension as the sum of the pension capital divided by 228 months and the base size of the old-age pension established by law in the amount of 2,562 rubles. If the recipient of the pension has reached the age of 80 or he is a disabled person of group I, has dependents, take an increased basic pension for him.

Step 5

To correctly calculate the old-age pension, take into account the amount of work experience, if it exceeds 30 years for men and 25 for women, increase the basic pension by 6%. If the insurance period is less than the indicated figures, reduce the base amount by 3% for each year.

Step 6

Next, calculate the funded part of the pension, for this, divide the amount of pension savings by 228 - the number of months of the period of receiving the pension. Then add up the received insurance and funded parts.

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