How To Get A Social Contract

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How To Get A Social Contract
How To Get A Social Contract

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The social rental agreement in our country ensures the possibility of citizens living in housing that is in municipal ownership. The social rental agreement is unlimited and free of charge - that is, there are no restrictions on the duration of residence in municipal housing, and only the corresponding utilities and payments are subject to payment.

How to get a social contract
How to get a social contract


Step 1

A social tenancy agreement is currently concluded in all cases of providing municipal housing to citizens for permanent residence (for example, in the case of providing housing with better quality living conditions). However, in the event that you have been living in municipal housing for a long time, then most likely you do not have a social employment contract, but there is an ordinary order - the one that confirmed the right to live in Soviet times.

Step 2

Of course, if there is a warrant, but there is no contract, you will not be evicted from the apartment, but if you want to privatize municipal housing or rent it out, you cannot do without a social tenancy contract, so it’s better to issue it in advance.

Step 3

In order to conclude a social tenancy agreement, you will have to contact the department of housing stock, or its division in your municipality. When applying, you will need to draw up a free-form application, verify your identity and the identity of all family members and document the relationship with all those indicated in the application (for this, birth certificates, marriage certificates and other documents are used), as well as attach a warrant to the application, or another document on the basis of which the citizen was moved into this housing.

Step 4

After checking the correctness of drawing up an application and preparing a package of documents, the request for drawing up a social employment agreement will be registered, and the department staff will guide you on the date of receipt of the finished document.

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