How To Respond To A Complaint

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How To Respond To A Complaint
How To Respond To A Complaint

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One of the main ways to protect violated rights is to appeal them (filing a complaint) to the appropriate authority or to the person who made the unlawful decision. This is an out-of-court way of resolving disputes. The official, for whose consideration the complaint has been submitted, is obliged to give a written answer on it within the time limits established by law.

How to respond to a complaint
How to respond to a complaint


Step 1

Writing a response to a complaint begins with filling in its details. Since the answer is written on the already prepared forms of the organization, then fill in only the information about the applicant - his last name, first name, patronymic, address. According to the rules of office work, they will be located on the right side of the sheet.

Step 2

Next, indicate the name of the document, for example, you can designate it as "response to the complaint of Ivanov II against the actions of Petrov IA", in law enforcement agencies the response to the complaint is drawn up in the form of a resolution.

Step 3

This is followed by the main text. To draw up a competent response to the complaint, first carefully study the complaint itself, check the arguments that are set out in it, and the reliability of the evidence presented along with it. The law provides for this for a month, during which all the necessary verification activities are carried out, documents are requested, etc. Then describe in detail the results you received and the conclusions drawn from them. Do not forget that the answer must be motivated and have a solid evidence base. This will not give the applicant any reason to appeal against him in court.

Step 4

The response to the complaint must be in writing. It is signed by the head of the body to which the complaint was submitted (or by the official who drew it up), and sealed with his seal. Send the ready response to the complaint to the applicant by mail by registered mail with notification, or give him on purpose against receipt (if he came to your appointment in person and demanded it). In the event that the applicant does not agree with the answer received, he can appeal it in court.

Step 5

Anonymous complaints are not subject to consideration, and an answer is not given, since there is, in fact, no one to give it. However, if the complaint describes facts that clearly indicate the commission of a crime, then it can be submitted for verification to law enforcement agencies. The applicant in this case will be the organization that received the anonymous complaint.

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