How To Fill Out Auto Attorney

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How To Fill Out Auto Attorney
How To Fill Out Auto Attorney

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It is required to certify an auto-attorney with a notary in cases of reassignment and when making transactions, the notarization of which is mandatory by law. In all other cases, simple writing will do. You can draw up a power of attorney to drive a car both on a special form and on a regular sheet of paper, the main thing is that all the necessary details are correctly indicated in it.

How to fill out an auto-attorney
How to fill out an auto-attorney

It is necessary

  • - data of documents;
  • - power of attorney form;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - computer and printer (possibly).


Step 1

Check with the person to whom you intend to issue a power of attorney to drive your car, his full name, registration address (registration) and passport data - this information will need to be indicated in the form (full name is written in the dative case).

Step 2

Prepare your passport and documents for the car - the data contained in them will also need to be indicated in the text of the power of attorney. Namely: - your full name and registration (registration) address; - series, number, date and place of issue of the passport; - make and model of the car, its color and year of issue; - state registration plate (so-called "numbers" of the car); - identification number (VIN number); - numbers of the engine, chassis and body; - series and number of PTS; - series and number of the registration certificate (technical passport) indicating the date of issue and the name of the traffic police department (GAI) to which it was issued.

Step 3

Purchase a pre-made Power of Attorney Form and fill it out legibly by hand. Such forms are sold in Rospechat kiosks, in stationery stores, in car dealerships, etc. in various design options: large, A4 format with and without Russian symbols, small, different formats with different designs, in the form of books, etc.

Step 4

Download the auto attorney form from the Internet in any format convenient for you. To fill out the form on a computer, you will need an editor program: - for a form in the form of a graphic file - any graphic editor, for example, Paint; - for a form in pdf format - Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader; - for a form in doc format - Microsoft program Word or Open Office Writer; - for letterhead in xls format - Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc; - for letterhead in txt format - WordPad. If you do not have suitable programs or do not know how to work with them, just print the form on the printer and then fill it in by hand.

Step 5

Use one of the many free online services to draw up a power of attorney form, for example, on the Avtosfera website (from the same page you can download power of attorney forms in various formats). Fill in all the necessary details in the fields of the online form and click on the "Subscribe and print" button - the service will generate the document on its own, and all you have to do is send it to the printer.

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