How To Write Out A Temporarily Registered

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How To Write Out A Temporarily Registered
How To Write Out A Temporarily Registered

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Permanent and temporary registration, as well as the removal of citizens from the registration register is carried out in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 713. To remove a temporarily registered person from the register, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in detail with what is considered a temporary registration and how temporary registration is carried out.

How to write out a temporarily registered
How to write out a temporarily registered

It is necessary

  • - Your passport;
  • - application (if there are several owners, written on behalf of all);
  • - title documents for the living space.


Step 1

For temporary registration of a citizen, you must give your consent, as well as ask consent from all owners or registered on the living space, if it is municipal property. Temporary registration is carried out for a specified period, ends upon its expiration and is carried out without being deregistered at the main place of residence of the citizen.

Step 2

Minors are temporarily registered on the living space where their parents have a temporary residence permit, and they are also not subject to deregistration at the main place of residence.

Step 3

Due to the fact that the temporary registration ends upon the expiration of the period agreed with the owners or residents and specified in the application, then you may not deregister the temporarily registered one, since the registration will cease to operate automatically after the specified period.

Step 4

If you want to carry out the deregistration procedure before the agreed time, contact the district office of the migration service, write an application. Your application is a sufficient reason to terminate the temporary registration, since this does not require the personal presence of a person temporarily residing in your territory. Minors who arrived with their parents are automatically removed from the temporary registration based on an extract from their parents or persons replacing them.

Step 5

In addition to the application, present documents of title to the living space, your civil passport. If your living space is municipal and several persons live in it or several owners have the right to the living space, then the application should be submitted from all residents or owners.

Step 6

With temporary registration, the right to permanent residence in your apartment and use of your living space does not arise. Therefore, you can not worry about temporary registration and wait until the time specified in the application expires. Registration will be automatically considered complete.

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