How To Prove A Verbal Contract

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How To Prove A Verbal Contract
How To Prove A Verbal Contract

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According to the laws of the Russian Federation, in a number of cases, not only written, but also oral agreements are legally binding. But in the absence of a written agreement, you will need to prove the very fact of the conclusion of the contract.

How to prove a verbal contract
How to prove a verbal contract


Step 1

Find out if you had the right to enter into an oral agreement in a particular situation. By law, this form of agreement is permissible between individuals if the transaction amount does not exceed ten times the minimum wage (minimum wage). If the transaction did not meet the specified conditions, the chances of confirmation of the concluded agreement in court are small. In this case, try to independently obtain from the other party an agreement on the confirmation of your mutual obligations in writing.

Step 2

If you are unable to resolve the issue through negotiations, prepare proof of the deal. They can serve as receipts of receipt of money. They must have the personal signatures of the parties to the transaction. Also look for witnesses who are willing to confirm the fact of the agreement. Additionally, attach audio recordings to the file confirming your version. However, please note that the court may not accept this type of evidence if the recording was made without the knowledge of one of the parties to the contract.

Step 3

Make a statement of claim to the court. A qualified lawyer can help you with this. At the first stage, you should go to a lower court - a district or magistrate court. In the document, indicate your requirements and the articles of the law on the basis of which you can present them. Attach a list of evidence collected to your claim.

Step 4

Register your application in court. After that, you will be notified of the date of the appointed meeting by registered mail. Come to him with a lawyer and state the arguments in support of your version.

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