How To Get Permission To Transport Cargo

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How To Get Permission To Transport Cargo
How To Get Permission To Transport Cargo

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On the territory of the Russian Federation, there is a permissive system of transportation for oversized or dangerous goods. The procedure for obtaining such a permit cannot be called simple, but with the right approach to registration, it is quite possible to reduce both the time and effort spent on obtaining a permit.

How to get permission to transport cargo
How to get permission to transport cargo


Step 1

Preparation of registration should begin with a request to the customer of transportation. From him you will need metric data and drawings of the cargo to be transported, its technical specifications, as well as a detailed route indicating the places of loading and unloading of the cargo. Having received these documents, you can start filling out an application for a permit, which you submit to the appropriate road service, depending on the chosen transportation route.

Step 2

The next step will be to check and agree on the route you proposed in the service to which the application was sent. In the process of approval and verification, the smallest details of the route are taken into account that can affect the safety of the transportation of goods, such as the presence of a gas pipeline, crossing with railway tracks.

Step 3

The transportation route is coordinated with all organizations and departments involved in one way or another in the transportation of this cargo. The entire approval process can take from 7 to 30 days. The timing depends on the size of the cargo and the degree of danger presented by the cargo. In especially difficult cases, the formation of a cargo transportation project is required, such approvals are sometimes delayed for several months.

Step 4

If your route of transportation has been successfully agreed in the road service, your further path lies in the traffic police for a pass for the transportation of goods. There, the route of transportation is also analyzed in detail to assess the need for escorting cargo at certain sections.

Step 5

After obtaining a permit for transportation and a pass for the transportation of goods, you can start organizing the transportation of goods directly.

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