How To Organize A Photo Session

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How To Organize A Photo Session
How To Organize A Photo Session

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The services of professional photographers are in demand, as everyone wants to see themselves in beautiful or unusual pictures. After all, only a few years will pass, and the appearance will change, and the traces of the best moments of life will forever remain in bright photographs. With the skills and a good camera, you can organize your own photo session with a little effort.

How to organize a photo session
How to organize a photo session

It is necessary

Camera and client


Step 1

You can quickly organize photography in a public room, on the street, in a studio. It all depends on the choice of the customer. One photo session takes at least two hours, so you should start early.

Step 2

Without good lighting, a photo shoot can fail. If it is carried out indoors, then the windows should be large. Direct sunlight will only interfere and the images will turn out to be too contrasting, so if the windows face east, it is better to shoot in the afternoon and vice versa.

Step 3

Ask the customer what he wants to see in the photos, many people do not like when they are photographed in profile. Specify what kind of image you need to create, perhaps he wants to see himself in a business style or relaxed-sexy. Leave the choice of clothes to the customer, but warn that it is better to take several options for suits or dresses with you. Explain that you do not need to be ashamed of the photographer, since he is a sexless creature.

Step 4

Shooting should not be done with an amateur camera, the technique must be professional. A DSLR camera with a good lens is fine. If the session takes place indoors, you need to bring along a set of different colored paper to create the background and mask various objects: windows, doorways, sockets, and possibly wallpaper. Paper can also help you influence the impression of an image. The background color should be different from the color of the face and clothing; this problem does not arise when working with black and white images.

Step 5

If you want to frame a picture, a branch with leaves can perform its function, which must be kept near the lens and made a little blurry. It is better to stock up on fresh branches in advance.

Step 6

You can probably use a flash, or even two flashes. Unlike directional light, they do not heat up. You need to take the tripod with you, then you will have free hands, and it will be possible to adjust the lighting and the client's posture.

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