How To Fill Out An Attachment Inventory

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How To Fill Out An Attachment Inventory
How To Fill Out An Attachment Inventory

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You can send any postal item with an attached content description. This will allow you to avoid disputes and disagreements with the mail and the recipient about the presence or absence of these things or documents. For example, to the objections of your opponent in court and the statement that he did not receive any claims, but only blank sheets of paper in an envelope, you will be able to present an inventory and confirm the validity of your statements.

How to fill out an attachment inventory
How to fill out an attachment inventory


Step 1

To complete the inventory, you should first of all receive a postal form of the established form (f. 107). It can be taken from the operator of the post office or downloaded from the official website of the Russian Post at the address indicated at the end of the article. Some services on the Internet offer users the ability to fill out a form right on the site and print a list ready for attachment.

Step 2

After receiving the form, proceed to fill it out, following the instructions at the beginning of the lines. The introductory part of the document begins with the name of the item. It can be a valuable letter, a parcel post or a package. Next, write the last name, first name, patronymic of the addressee (for individuals) or the name of the company (for legal entities). On the next line, enter the recipient's full mailing address.

Step 3

The main part of the form is presented in a convenient tabular form. Here list all attachments that the recipient should receive. Indicate for them the serial number, name of documents or items, quantity (pieces, pages or copies). In the column of declared value, you must indicate the value of each item in rubles. Please tick if you are sending items (or documents) that cannot be evaluated. At the end of the table, indicate the total number of items attached and their total value.

Step 4

In the final part of the form, sign in the box reserved for the sender's signature. Now you can give the parcel to the operator of the post office, along with the inventory forms, to check that the list of attachments matches the contents of the shipment and the correctness of filling out form 107. The postal worker will fill in the remaining line with his own hand (title and signature) and stamp.

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