How To Become An Artist

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How To Become An Artist
How To Become An Artist

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“Every child is an artist, the main difficulty is to remain an artist when you come out of childhood,” said the famous artist Pablo Picasso.

How to become an artist
How to become an artist

It is necessary

A set of brushes, paints, host


Step 1

First, you need to purchase several sets of brushes, several types of paints and the material on which you plan to paint. Friendly sellers in specialized stores will help you find the necessary materials. Moreover, it is important to note that the cost is as low as possible. The initial kit can cost $ 50- $ 70. In order to save money, you can use training sketches. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to buy a special professional canvas. You can get by, for example, any size fiberboard sheet that can be coated with acrylic primer. In order to paint with oil paints, both sides are suitable. On the side that is smoother, you can work out small details. And the other side is suitable for textures of large strokes.

Step 2

In order to start working, you need to choose a time when strangers cannot interfere. You don't have to try to create a certain masterpiece right away. It is necessary to listen to your own feelings, which are impulsively created by the hand holding the brush.

Step 3

For the initial painting, it's best to darken the background. It will help give depth and volume. You must first try to make some very energetic strokes clean, not mixed with other paint colors. For example, modern fashion dictates that even tic-tac-toe, drawn on the correct canvas, can become a highlight of an apartment's interior.

Step 4

During the creation of paintings, certain psychological difficulties may arise. To deal with them more easily, you can use the advice of professionals. So, it is recommended to read the work "Discover the artist in yourself" by Betty Edwards. In addition, it is necessary to get acquainted with the solution of technical and technological problems in the book "Artist's Handbook", which can be found on the Internet.

Step 5

In order to tune in to the creation of a real work, you can, for example, arrange an opening day in your own apartment. One of the walls of the room can be completely released. Hang pictures on it, which will be inserted into special frames.

Step 6

If such an occupation was chosen for a commercial purpose, then it is necessary to get acquainted with the prices for amateur paintings in advance. It is necessary to add a maximum of 30-50 dollars to the cost of the created painting. The exact cost depends on the time and complexity of the painting, as well as on the ambitions of its author.

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