How Long Is Maternity Leave

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How Long Is Maternity Leave
How Long Is Maternity Leave

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If you are pregnant and wondering when it is time to get ready to take a break from work, then know that, according to article 255 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, 10 weeks before the planned date of the child's birth, you are given paid leave for physical and mental preparation for childbirth. After the birth process, another 10 weeks of rest, to restore health. The duration of the leave may change in case of complications in the process of childbirth and in multiple pregnancies.

Mom-to-be has a long vacation
Mom-to-be has a long vacation


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The female body needs preparation for childbirth - it is better to put aside all matters, go for walks more, be sure to outdoors, and concentrate on the upcoming process of the baby's appearance. Therefore, for a period of 30 weeks, your work organization will provide paid leave, of course, only if you bring the employer an appropriate sick leave from a gynecologist confirming the length of your pregnancy. Maternity leave covers 70 days before the birth of the baby and 70 days after birth, then, in total, it is 140 calendar days. If the baby was born not on the expected day of birth, but earlier or later, then you still have 140 days of vacation. In the past, women had their vacation days recalculated if the due date of childbirth was changed, but now the legislation reserves the right for a woman to rest for the allotted time.

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The process of childbirth can be complicated, and if you cannot give birth to a baby on your own, then a cesarean section will be required, that is, surgery for the birth of a baby. In this case, 16 days are added to the postpartum vacation period and is 86 calendar days. With additional medical interventions in complicated childbirth, the total duration of vacation calendar days will be 156.

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In the event that the doctor diagnosed that you are carrying several babies in the womb, then you can rightfully leave the workplace and go on paid leave, at 28 weeks of pregnancy, then the prenatal leave will be 84 days. This privilege, compared to women who carry one child, is given because it is more difficult for the body to carry twins, and you will get tired faster at work. You need rest earlier, since 2 or more fetuses stretch the body of the uterus much faster than in a singleton pregnancy, and the uterus is often in hypertonicity. Any excitement and physical activity in the workplace can cause premature birth, which is highly undesirable, because with multiple pregnancies, children are already born with low weight. The postpartum part of the leave, with the simultaneous birth of more than one baby, increases to 110 calendar days. The total duration of your vacation, if you become a mother of several children, the maximum is 194 calendar days.

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If a multiple pregnancy was not diagnosed by a doctor before delivery, and you went on vacation at 30 weeks with a prenatal period of 70 days, then the postpartum period, at the birth of twins, triplets, etc., will increase to 124 days, and in total will be 194 calendar days.

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