How To Get A Job At The Mayor's Office

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How To Get A Job At The Mayor's Office
How To Get A Job At The Mayor's Office
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The mayor's office is the main executive body of government in any city. Work in the mayor's office is considered prestigious and quite highly paid, so many young people strive to get a job in the city administration.

How to get a job at the mayor's office
How to get a job at the mayor's office

It is necessary

  • - diploma of graduation from a higher educational institution;
  • - work experience in other state institutions (it is possible to get a job without it, but this is at the discretion of the management).


Step 1

If you are a young specialist who has just graduated from a university, then you will be able to get a job in the Youth Administration of the city. Usually educated, active young people are attracted there. Specialties of young people can be completely different directions - from a civil engineer to an accountant-economist. the administration deals with many issues of the city. Recruitment to the Youth City Administration, most likely, can be conducted on a competitive basis. Your city's media and television are likely to be spreading this information, so keep an eye on the press and television.

Step 2

It is also possible to find employment in the Administration immediately after graduation, if during the period of study you underwent labor practice here and managed to prove yourself well. During your internship, try to make useful contacts and learn more about the possibility of further employment.

Step 3

It also makes sense to take your resume and leave it in the personnel department of the Administration along with a copy of the diploma. The grades, of course, must be good: officials do not like poor and C grade, they need good and excellent students devoted to their work. So, if you have a good diploma, then for sure your candidacy will be considered and appreciated.

Step 4

It would not be superfluous to go personally to an appointment with the manager and convey to him your great desire to work in this particular structure. It is possible to develop in advance any project or rational proposal, which could also be of interest to the authorities of the Administration.

Step 5

Another opportunity to get a job at the mayor's office is, of course, the presence of family ties and useful acquaintances. No matter how trite it may sound, but now it is difficult to get a good job without them. If you are lucky and you have relatives or good acquaintances in the Administration, then ask them for help in finding a job.

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