How To Get To The Exchange

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How To Get To The Exchange
How To Get To The Exchange

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The employment center (or labor exchange) is a special institution aimed at providing support to unemployed citizens. Assistance consists in the payment of unemployment benefits, the selection of suitable vacancies, retraining, financial assistance, etc.

How to get to the exchange
How to get to the exchange


Step 1

You can get on the stock exchange and register if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen or a stateless person living in Russia, while if you are over 16 years old, you do not receive old-age benefits, you are not involved in correctional labor by a court decision, without being deprived of freedom, or are not in places of deprivation of liberty. On top of that, you don't have to have income from work (other than severance pay), you are looking for a job, or you are ready to start working at any time.

Step 2

For registration, bring the following documents to the employment center. If you were previously employed, then you need: a passport, work book or other document replacing it, various diplomas, certificates and other papers confirming qualifications, as well as a certificate of average salary for the last three months from the last place of work. If you have not worked before, take your passport and education documents with you. No later than 11 days from the date of submission of documents, a decision is made on the recognition or non-recognition of you as an unemployed citizen.

Step 3

If you want to get listed on the stock exchange, keep in mind that the efficiency of job search through the employment center is rather low, and, as a rule, people with higher education, managerial experience and fluency in foreign languages ​​have a small chance of finding a suitable job for themselves.

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