What To Do If Your Colleagues "substitute" You In Front Of The Management?

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What To Do If Your Colleagues "substitute" You In Front Of The Management?
What To Do If Your Colleagues "substitute" You In Front Of The Management?

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Interpersonal relationships are always difficult, especially relationships at work - between superiors and subordinates, between colleagues. Sometimes it is difficult to resolve them, and sometimes it is impossible.

What if your colleagues
What if your colleagues

The only way is to get fired

It is all the more offensive when they try to slander and "substitute" before the authorities. This not only affects the reputation in general, but can also affect further career growth.

In such cases, it is sometimes necessary to simply quit. Although, if you work for a long time, the business you are doing is dear to you, then you need to try to resolve this situation.

Try to figure out why an unpleasant incident happened to you. Maybe you yourself are wrong in your relationships with your colleagues? Or is there a banal envy, for example, you do a good job and receive regular awards, while some colleagues never get it? In this case, you can try to talk to those colleagues who create inconvenience to you. Try to explain that you are not the enemy. Offer your help at work, assistance. If you have not done anything bad to your colleagues, then, perhaps, the situation will be resolved.

Bosses are different

As for the leadership, the bosses, of course, are different. But in most cases, the leader still has enough intelligence and wisdom to understand what his subordinates are.

He, most likely, realizes that changing employees on the first denunciation is sheer stupidity, therefore he will try to understand a difficult situation. Surely invite you to talk. If it is not your fault, then you should behave calmly, answer honestly, do not play around. If there is any friction with colleagues, again, tell them truthfully.

However, remember that it is not worth being overly frank with anyone at work - this is the minimum that is necessary to protect you from ill-wishers.

If you really did harm to your boss or client, then you shouldn't be quick to make excuses or get nervous blaming the scammers. Intemperance in emotions, overly nervous behavior only cause even more distrust. Better to pretend that you are surprised and perplexed. There is no need to blame anyone else. Try to show your boss that you are looking for a way out of this situation, trying to figure it out. Most likely, this will rehabilitate you and allay the manager's anger. In the future, it is better to keep a distance from your ill-wisher at work in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

It may also be that the boss sympathizes with your ill-wisher, then with a greater degree of probability you will not be able to prove your case. Anyway, do not get lost and defend your position, involve witnesses and facts.

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