How To Assess Professional Qualities

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How To Assess Professional Qualities
How To Assess Professional Qualities

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To find a worthy candidate for office or production, it is necessary to assess the professional qualities of the applicants. It is necessary to collect as much information as possible that will help to understand whether this person will cope with this job.

How to assess professional qualities
How to assess professional qualities


Step 1

The first step in the assessment is to review the applicant's resume for a particular position. If you saw that it was drawn up competently, completely, not loaded with unnecessary information, but specifically described all business and professional qualities, pay attention to this applicant. A good resume will indicate the author's ability to express their thoughts in writing, the ability to analyze and highlight the main thing.

Step 2

The next stage of candidate verification is a telephone interview. Make an approximate list of questions, of which try to pay more attention to professional qualities, as well as the ability and ability to work in a team. In the course of the conversation, find out from the applicant the true interest and desire to work in your company.

Step 3

To begin with, invite the applicant to get acquainted with the website of your company (if any), to understand the nuances and specifics of the company. Give him a few hours to do this. At the end of the appointed time, call back and find out how he learned the main policy of the company, how he presents his future work, what salary he would like to receive.

Step 4

Be sure to ask why he wants to work for you. If the candidate says that he sees a development perspective in the company, mentions the products that your company produces, then this is very good. If someone says that he wants to try a new field or has heard about big earnings, then such a specialist is clearly not for you.

Step 5

During the telephone interview, you will understand how the candidate reacted to the study of information about your company. If he could not specifically answer any question, it means that he is irresponsible and not interested in the proposed job. If the applicant thoroughly told about the products, pointed out its strengths and weaknesses, offered the possibility of improving individual processes, it means that this is an experienced professional and in no case should you lose this.

Step 6

After a successful telephone interview, invite the applicant to your firm for a personal meeting. Here also compose a special questionnaire, combining topics in such a way as to find out the presence of the required knowledge, curriculum vitae, his competence and desire to work.

Step 7

Only by collecting all the necessary information, you can determine the professional qualities of the applicant and find out if he is suitable for your company.

Step 8

When concluding an employment agreement, set a probationary period where his professional qualities will fully manifest.

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