How To Call The Police From A Mobile

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How To Call The Police From A Mobile
How To Call The Police From A Mobile

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All cell phones support the emergency mobile phone call function. Even if the phone does not have a SIM card, you can use this feature when the device is turned on.

Emergency call
Emergency call

It is necessary

Mobile phone


Step 1

In order to call the police from a mobile phone, it is not at all necessary to have any special knowledge. All that is needed to take advantage of this opportunity is the presence of an included cell phone. It is noteworthy that the phone does not have to have a SIM card - the emergency number is dialed offline.

Step 2

You can ask for help via your mobile phone as follows. Dial a combination of numbers 112 from your phone and press the call button. Soon you will be connected to a dispatcher who will take your call. In the dialogue, you need to specify the following data: the region and city in which you are located, the exact address of the place where the emergency occurred, and also describe in detail what happened.

Step 3

In a conversation, try to speak as clearly and evenly as possible, the promptness of the arrival of the rescue services at the scene of the incident will depend on this - uneven breathing combined with possible interference on the communication line can cause the dispatcher to write down the wrong address, as a result of which the police will not be able to arrive to your call on time.

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