How To Write A Statement Of Prosecution

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How To Write A Statement Of Prosecution
How To Write A Statement Of Prosecution

If a crime of a criminal nature is committed against you, you should contact the law enforcement agencies with a statement to bring the perpetrator to criminal responsibility.

How to write a statement of prosecution
How to write a statement of prosecution


Step 1

If your options allow, then contact a qualified criminal lawyer who can help you draw up a statement of prosecution of the perpetrator. In the future, the same specialist will help you draw up a claim in court, and will also represent your interests at court hearings when considering your case.

Step 2

If criminal liability arises concerning a circle of two persons, you should write a private statement. A qualified lawyer or yourself can also prepare such a statement.

Step 3

The application is written on a sheet of A4 format. In the upper left corner, indicate the name of the executive authority to which you are sending the application. On the line below, write your last name, first name and patronymic, then indicate the address of your actual place of residence.

Step 4

In the application itself, ask to prosecute the person who caused you physical, moral or material damage, indicating his last name, first name, patronymic and address of actual residence, if you, of course, have such information.

Step 5

Further in the text, describe in detail the situation that occurred as a result of which you suffered damage that falls under the category of criminal liability.

Step 6

Below the main text, ask for witnesses, if any, as evidence. Attach photocopies of evidentiary documents such as a certificate from a trauma center, audio or video.

Step 7

At the end of the application, indicate the date the document was submitted to the law enforcement agencies and put your signature, not forgetting to decipher it.

Step 8

You can send an application for criminal prosecution of the guilty person in person or by mail by registered mail with notification. The application should be addressed to the investigation department of the prosecutor's office, the nearest police station or a magistrate. Be sure to check with the law enforcement officer receiving your application for the incoming registration number.

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