How To Renew A Weapon License

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How To Renew A Weapon License
How To Renew A Weapon License
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If you decide to acquire a weapon, try to get licenses in time to carry, store and purchase it. With weapons in hand, you must remember that this is a great responsibility. So take your time and apply for a legal weapon license. But remember that the weapon storage license itself is valid only for five years, then it is subject to renewal. In order to renew a weapon license, several recommendations must be followed.

How to renew a weapon license
How to renew a weapon license


Step 1

Prepare the necessary documents: the original and a photocopy of the passport, certified by a notary, the conclusion of the commission from the hospital confirming that you have no contraindications for health reasons, as well as a certificate from the neuropsychiatric and narcological dispensaries that you are not registered.

Step 2

Install a metal safe for storing weapons at home.

Step 3

Fill out an application of a special form and attach all the necessary documents to it, except for the receipt of payment of the state fee for the license, and submit it to the licensing and permitting department. Your application will be reviewed within ten days. After that, you will have to be notified of the acceptance of your application or to provide you with an official refusal to issue a permit to store weapons.

Step 4

Wait for a positive answer and pass exams on knowledge of the rules of storage, use and carrying of weapons.

Step 5

Provide a weapon for technical inspection, if everything is in order, then get a license. Please note that Russian citizens over eighteen years old, not convicted, can obtain a permit to carry and store weapons. Persons with a criminal record will be denied a license. Licenses are not issued for weapons not registered in the State Cadastre or military weapons.

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