What Is Rotation

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What Is Rotation
What Is Rotation

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In the broadest sense of the word, rotation is any kind of rotation, revolution, cyclic movement in a circle (lat.rotatio - rotation). The word is beautiful, polysemantic, therefore it is used almost everywhere where it is necessary to indicate the movement or mixing of something.

What is rotation
What is rotation


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Rotation is usually used to improve the process. For example, in chemistry, rotation - mixing of ingredients in a vessel, volume leads to their better interaction with each other. Rotation - the turnover of crops in agriculture leads to the enrichment of the soil, which leads to an increase in yields.

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Rotation of power implies the replacement of one party with another that won the elections. However, the most commonly used “rotations” are personnel rotation and product rotation. Product rotation means replacing obsolete products with new ones. Such replacement takes place on a quarterly basis in chain stores, and in grocery supermarkets it is a daily process.

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The rotation of personnel, their movement from place to place, the interchange of one member of the team with another, allows employees to master new functions, expand their work experience. Usually the rotation of personnel takes place within one organization. At the same time, employees can change both their place of work (spatially) and their specialty. It is believed that such a relocation of personnel increases the motivation of employees, which makes it possible to achieve an increase in labor productivity, the emergence of new ideas, and the attraction of new contacts.

This process in one team can be irrevocable and circular. In a circular rotation, employees go through all professional positions in stages and return to the original. This helps to better understand the production process and achieve interchangeability. Irrevocable rotation implies the movement of personnel without resuming their previous professional duties, which makes it possible to choose the best candidate for a given position.

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Very often on the radio they talk about the rotation of songs in world or local charts. This means moving songs from one place to another, from bottom to top, or vice versa.

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Often this word is used in the context of optimizing Internet resources. In particular, the rotation of banners allows you to increase the percentage of their use and conversion into real money.

In medicine, rotation is used to indicate joint mobility, rotation around their longitudinal axis.

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