How To Make 100,000 Rubles A Month

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How To Make 100,000 Rubles A Month
How To Make 100,000 Rubles A Month

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100,000 rubles a month is a kind of psychological trait. For many, earnings of 100,000 or more are something of a sign of wealth. Let's consider how you can reach this and a higher level of earnings.

How to make 100,000 rubles a month
How to make 100,000 rubles a month


Step 1

To achieve a goal, you must first set it. Not mentally, not in conversations, but by writing it down on paper or in a laptop file and developing at least an approximate plan for achieving it. After all, in order to do something in the direction of achieving your goal, you need an action plan.

Step 2

By themselves, there are many ways to earn 100,000 rubles and more per month, and quite a few of us may well earn that much. For convenience, we will single out three types of earnings: salary in a permanent workplace, salary and part-time work at home, and business income.

Step 3

The most, perhaps, the simplest and not requiring big changes in life, leaving your own "comfort zone" in this case is a change of job for a higher-paid job. It is not a secret that the salaries of employees of approximately the same qualifications differ at times in companies. For example, a lawyer may receive 60,000 rubles for the same job in one company, and 100,000 or more in another. For a lot of money, you will, of course, have to work more intensively, complete English courses, acquire additional knowledge, but in general, if you are ready to work harder, then you can try to move to a company with higher requirements and salaries. To do this, it is worth starting to track vacancies both on job search sites and on the sites of well-known companies that offer fairly large compensation to employees.

Step 4

If your workplace suits you, you can earn extra money from home. Many employers have long been accustomed to freelancers, especially since every year their number is increasing, and they easily delegate certain types of work to them. Therefore, you can try to post your resume on freelance exchanges and track the orders that appear. Freelancing is also good because you don't have to work in your specialty. If, for example, you do not have a pedagogical education, but you have successfully and happily engaged in tutoring, then the recommendations of your former students attached to the resume will be enough, and you will definitely have clients. The difficulty of this way of earning is that you will have to work a lot, on weekends and in the evenings, in addition to the main job.

Step 5

It is known that not all business projects are successful. However, if you have a good business idea and the resources to bring it to life, starting your own business can quickly take you to a whole new level of income. A business can also be successful with a team of good specialists who have gained experience working for hire and now decide to start a business in the field of their previous work.

Step 6

Whatever way you choose to increase your income to 100,000 rubles, the very first step that will need to be taken is an action plan, steps towards the goal. It should be detailed, with clear deadlines for the implementation of certain actions. Such a plan will not only help to consistently go towards your goal, but will also motivate you to achieve success.

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