How To Get A Job In OBEP

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How To Get A Job In OBEP
How To Get A Job In OBEP
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From the moment they enter certain educational institutions, students begin to be puzzled by their search for work. OBEP attracts with the fact that it is a state structure, has a clear hierarchy of positions and stable wages.

How to get a job in OBEP
How to get a job in OBEP


Step 1

To get a job in the OBEP (Department for Combating Economic Crimes) you need to get at least a secondary specialized education. Not necessarily legal, it can be economic, technical is allowed. For senior management positions, you will need a degree in law or economics.

Step 2

During your studies, try to undergo introductory and industrial practice in the departments of the Department of Economic Crimes, familiarize yourself with the structure of the department from the inside. As a rule, employees work with citizens' applications, initiate criminal cases under various articles of the criminal code, constantly travel and conduct checks, so it will be informative. You can get positive characteristics and subsequently come to work there.

Step 3

Ask your relatives, ask your friends about vacancies in the OBEP, maybe they have connections and they can help you get a job. If you fail, you should contact the dean's office at the place of study. Perhaps they have lists of organizations that need employees.

Step 4

You can contact the human resources department of the OBEP and ask for a list of documents that are required when applying for a job. If you suit them as a future candidate for vacant positions, even if they are absent at the time of the application, you will be given a list and later included in the reserve.

Step 5

You will need a diploma of graduation, a copy of the passport pages on marital status, registration, indicating personal data. You will need to visit a dermatovenerologic and neuropsychiatric dispensary, get a certificate of the absence of registration, the same document is needed for the absence of a criminal record for you and your close relatives. You also need to undergo a medical examination, in addition, you must sign up for a special test, which is carried out in the main office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In each subject, this is a separate organization, psychologists work here, who conduct a long interview with each candidate, after which they draw conclusions about the suitability of a particular position. The procedure lasts about 8 hours and is designed for 2 days. Questions are directed to logical perception and figurative thinking.

Step 6

You should take photographs in the amount of four pieces of a certain format, this is necessary for pasting into a personal file and identification. In addition, a personal file will be drawn up in the personnel department, where all personal data will be indicated, work experience, if any, copies of documents are attached. An inventory is attached to the case, in case of changes or additions to the information, the data in the document are edited.

Step 7

Start your job search from the moment you graduate. The diploma of education must be confirmed every three years, otherwise, it becomes invalid. Please note that verification of the information you specified in the application form or attached documents may take up to 6 months.

Step 8

You may be asked to provide a certificate from the local police station, information from the place of study (characteristics), interview neighbors. The HR department is responsible for screening all candidates for vacant positions, regardless of their work experience, education and age.

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