How To Draw Up A Housing Privatization Agreement

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How To Draw Up A Housing Privatization Agreement
How To Draw Up A Housing Privatization Agreement

Video: How To Draw Up A Housing Privatization Agreement

Video: How To Draw Up A Housing Privatization Agreement
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Privatization implies the acquisition of permanent ownership of any premises (communal apartment, dorm room) in which a person lives on a rented basis.

documents for housing privatization
documents for housing privatization

Required documents for privatization

Such a transaction can be carried out only once during a lifetime.

To receive the premises for personal use, the consent of all adult citizens registered in it will be required. These include citizens who are absent for any reason (persons serving time in prison, military personnel).

To conclude such an agreement, you will need a whole list of documents. It includes:

- written statement;

- photocopies of the passport (for adult family members) and birth certificates (for children);

- cadastral passport;

- an extract from the house book about all current and retired family members;

- an order for housing or an order for the release of premises;

- social employment contract

In the event that someone from the residents is against privatization, a written refusal will be required. In this case, the transfer of ownership of the premises will be impossible.

Rules for drawing up a contract

A crucial stage in the privatization of housing is the execution of an agreement.

The contract must reflect such data as: the name of the object, the address of the premises that becomes the property, its address, the total area, the number of rooms. It is also necessary to enter the personal data of the people making the deal.

Making a contract is pretty simple. At the very beginning, the full name is indicated. the plaintiff, his address, copies of an extract from the house book. Then the number of the order is entered, on the basis of which the citizen moved to this room, the date of arrival. Further in the agreement are references to legislative documents. Then the plaintiff asks to transfer the housing to him free of charge. At the end, the plaintiff's signature and date are affixed.

It should be noted that in order to conclude such a transaction, an additional receipt for the payment of tax, a copy of the order and letter, a copy of the claim, which is transferred to the defendant, and a copy of an extract from the house book are attached to the main contract.

When filling out all the necessary papers, it is recommended to check the correctness of the spelling of your passport data, last name, first name and patronymic. All papers must have a number, signature and seal. All documents need to be drawn up only with a pen. Corrections and deletions that are not agreed by the parties are not allowed.

Thus, absolutely everyone can draw up a housing privatization agreement, it is only necessary to collect the necessary documents, write a correct application and have the consent of the parties.

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