How To Fill Out The Cover Sheet

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How To Fill Out The Cover Sheet
How To Fill Out The Cover Sheet

Video: How To Fill Out The Cover Sheet

Video: How To Fill Out The Cover Sheet
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During encashment, a cover sheet, invoice and receipt are drawn up for the cash bag. It is very important to fill in the required documents correctly.

How to fill out the cover sheet
How to fill out the cover sheet


  • - an accompanying sheet in the form OKUD 0402300 (on the A5 format);
  • - waybill;
  • -receipt.


Step 1

Fill in the statement according to the columns. In the column "bag number" put the individual number of the bag, the name of the organization indicate in the column "from whom", in the column "debit" - a twenty-digit personal account for analytical accounting, which is opened on the corresponding balance accounts for accounting for cash.

Step 2

In the column "credit" indicate the twenty-digit number of the client's account, his individual tax number, respectively, in the column "INN". Indicate the amount declared for collection in the column “amount in figures”. It must be equal to the amount indicated on the back of the statement. Write a similar amount in the column “amount in words”.

Step 3

In the column "source of income" indicate "sales revenue" or "sales of services" and make sure that it matches the cash symbol. In the “recipient” field, write the full corporate name of the organization to which the funds are transferred. In the columns "KPP", "OKATO", "p / account No." - the corresponding details of the organization that receives the funds.

Step 4

In the field "Name of the depositing bank" indicate the details of the bank, in the cashier of which the money is accepted, its name and the number of the structural unit. In the field “Name of the beneficiary bank” enter the name of the bank where the beneficiary's bank account is opened. In the field “including by symbols: amount, symbol” - symbols used in the preparation of the Cash Turnover Statement in accordance with the Ordinance of the Bank of Russia dated January 16, 2004 N 1376-U.

Step 5

The amounts that refer to one symbol of the report, write in one line in the corresponding positions of the above field. For individual entrepreneurs, use the cash symbol 19. The signature of the depositor of funds, that is, the cashier who formed the bag, put in the column “client's signature”.

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