Where To Appeal

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Where To Appeal
Where To Appeal

Video: Where To Appeal

Video: Where To Appeal
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The decision of the court of first instance, the result of the exam, the mark obtained when passing the exam at the traffic police, university or other educational institution can be appealed on appeal. Disagreement shall be formalized in writing indicating the disagreements and a statement of the circumstances of the case. Persons who consider the verdict passed by them to be unfair, as well as their legal representatives, who have duly issued powers, have the right to appeal.

Where to appeal
Where to appeal


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Step 1

An organization or a citizen who considered that the court of first instance incorrectly determined or failed to prove the established circumstances relevant to the case and that the conclusions in the decision do not correspond to the circumstances of the case and the norms of substantive law are incorrectly applied, submit an appeal.

Step 2

An appeal against a decision of a lower court is written to the address of a higher judicial authority in terms of jurisdiction. The application must be accompanied by the necessary documents and their copies according to the number of persons participating in the case, and a receipt for payment of the state duty is obligatory.

Step 3

A complaint against the decision of the magistrate is submitted through the magistrate who made the decision. To reconsider the decision of the district court in a civil case, an appeal is filed with the regional court or its judicial board through the office of the court that made the decision. The decisions of the arbitration court of the first instance are appealed against by way of appeal proceedings also by filing an appeal through the office of the arbitration court to which the complaint is sent.

Step 4

The legislation provides for the filing of a complaint directly with the appellate instance. In this case, it will be sent to the court that made the contested decision, which subsequently sends the complaint to a higher judicial authority to check the decision that has not entered into force.

Step 5

The procedure for holding the unified state examination regulates the rules, the deadline and the place for receiving the appeal. A USE participant can appeal for a violation of the established procedure for holding the USE, immediately after the end of the exam in a general education subject, without leaving the point of the USE, to an authorized representative of the state examination commission. The representative, in turn, creates a commission to verify the stated fact. The submitted appeal and the conclusion of the commission on the results of the check are considered by the conflict commission.

Step 6

An appeal statement on disagreement with the points awarded is accepted by the head of the exam point or the secretary of the educational institution in which the participant was admitted to the exams. The head of the examination office or educational institution, who has accepted the appeal, immediately submits it to the conflict commission.

Step 7

In accordance with the Rules for Passing Qualifying Examinations and Issuing Driving Licenses, exam results can be challenged by a candidate driver in an administrative or judicial procedure. The appeal is submitted to the department of the MREO of the traffic police or to the court at the location of the body that took the driving exams.