How To Write A Sales Contract

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How To Write A Sales Contract
How To Write A Sales Contract

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In the course of the company's business, some managers draw up sales and purchase agreements. Such legal documents must be in writing. It is very important to draw up the contract correctly, since it is he who regulates the relationship between the counterparties.

How to write a sales contract
How to write a sales contract


Step 1

Make a double copy of the contract. One document remains with the seller, the other with the buyer.

Step 2

Determine the subject of the contract, that is, what is transferred from one person to another. Before drawing up the document, discuss all the conditions with the second party.

Step 3

Start drawing up the sales contract with the serial number and date of drawing up. The main text should begin with the details of the parties, that is, the name of the organizations, as well as the persons providing them, are indicated. For example, "LLC" Vostok ", represented by General Director Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, acting on the basis of the Charter of the organization …".

Step 4

Next, indicate the subject of the contract. This paragraph indicates the range, quantity and quality. The conditions for the transfer of property into ownership are being discussed.

Step 5

Check the price of the item in the legal document. Write down what is included in it, such as packaging, shipping, installation, etc.

Step 6

Next, draw up a clause on the rights and obligations of the parties. Here, specify the terms of payment and delivery of the goods, the method of payment (for cash or bank transfer). Also in this paragraph you can prescribe the conditions for unloading and loading products, actions in case of inadequate quality, registration of accompanying documents and other conditions.

Step 7

Also write in the contract the warranty period for the goods, the procedure for shipment and actions in case of force majeure (fire, floods, earthquakes, and others).

Step 8

Be sure to include a clause on the procedure for resolving disputes and the term of the document in the agreement. The term can be determined by a date (for example, before January 01, 2012) or by an interval (for example, a contract is concluded for one year). You can also add a condition to prolong the document (automatic renewal).

Step 9

At the end, indicate the legal details of the parties, leave space for the seals of the organizations and the signatures of the leaders.

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