How To Be More Efficient At Work

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How To Be More Efficient At Work
How To Be More Efficient At Work

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What is efficiency? This is when you put in the least effort and get the most results. Many people think that time management can improve efficiency, but for many it turns out to be unacceptable because it is contrary to their nature.

How to be more efficient at work
How to be more efficient at work

Real efficiency is when things are done "along the way", without tremendous effort and stress, easily and with pleasure. Then a person does not get tired in a day, does not spend huge resources to recover from a hard day at work.

Of course, there should be some tension, otherwise it will simply be uninteresting. But it shouldn't look like violence against oneself - it is a pleasant tension, as in front of a difficult but interesting task.

How to achieve this attitude to the process?

  1. Divide your affairs into those that are interesting to you, that is, those that bring significant results, and into routine.
  2. Ask yourself a question about the routine: "Which of this is really interesting to me - that is, important for the result?", "What can I do to make it happen automatically, without my participation?" When you ask questions, you find answers and solutions, and half of the routine disappears. This means that there is more time for important things. As a rule, routine tasks need to be either automated, or delegated, or to understand that some processes are simply not needed.
  3. Determine what skills are needed to solve important problems and pump these skills.

As a rule, after this, the efficiency increases significantly.


However, it is not so easy to get rid of the routine, because, firstly, the human brain protests against the new, and secondly, the routine has long become a habit. And habits, as you know, are quite difficult to get rid of.

  • What is impossible to do without?
  • What do I get from this action?

When the answers are received, you can see two points: that these actions are not needed at all, or that these results can be obtained much faster and easier, but by other means.

It will not be easy to do at first - it will be at the level of shock. But if you overcome this shock, then it becomes clear that it was worth it.

What else prevents you from being effective?

Multitasking. If a person has a lot of tasks, he gets something like a stupor, and he stops doing anything at all. Or he replaces the necessary work with stress relief: he goes to smoke, drink coffee, calls on the phone, opens social networks, etc. That is, he does what is useless - what does not solve the problem.

Every person in life has at least twenty aspects of life that cause such a stupor and which he postpones until tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc.

How to deal with this stupor?

You need to learn to recognize it in yourself and create a strategy for working with it. It is as follows:

Analyze the existing situation and find out what is missing in order to get out of it:

  • what knowledge;
  • what resource;
  • what information;
  • what experience.

Figure out where it can be found and find it. After that, there is clarity and relief, the tasks begin to seem not so difficult, and the situation is not so hopeless, because its solution has appeared.

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