How To Find A Job As A Rewriter On The Internet

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How To Find A Job As A Rewriter On The Internet
How To Find A Job As A Rewriter On The Internet

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In recent years, masters of words have been welcomed on the Internet as never before. People who can not only connect words into a meaningful sentence, but also write texts that are of practical use, can earn enough sitting at home for a luxurious life. Unless for this you need to find the strength to overcome the hardships of finding a worthy client who needs high-quality texts.

Where to look for orders for rewriters
Where to look for orders for rewriters

In the global network, a lot of information and the lion's share of content is occupied by texts. Therefore, it is not always easy for modern authors of texts for websites to “reinvent the wheel”. However, this is not a problem, because many buyers of texts are quite satisfied with the thoughts already written by someone, which the author will retell in his own words for a certain fee. the name of the work associated with rewriting ready-made texts in your own words while preserving the meaning of the message is rewriting, and the product of labor is rewriting.

Where to look for a job as a rewriter

The first place where a novice rewriter should go for earnings and skills is content exchanges. There are more than a dozen of them on the Russian-speaking Internet, but they are especially in demand among customers and, accordingly, three orders abound:

- ContentMonster;

- TextSale;

- TextBroker.

To receive orders on the first exchange, you will need to go through the registration procedure, as well as answer test questions and write a short essay. Depending on the test results and the quality of the essay, the content exchange moderators allow new authors to work.

The second exchange does not imply writing test papers. Immediately after registering for TextSale, you can work. Themes for rewriting, as well as the source materials, you choose yourself and put up the finished work for sale. We can say that this exchange is a huge market for text content on the Internet.

The third option is for extremely talented writers. TextBroker is a closed exchange and can only be accessed by experienced authors.

However, you can try, for this you need to send a letter to the exchange administrator with a short resume and links to previously written works.

Places where you can find regular customers

Exchanges are a great place to start a rewriting career, but staying there all the time is not the best option to achieve significantly higher income. Regular customers pay several times more. You should look for those on popular webmaster forums, as well as on social networks.

Social media searches are based on news. Enter something like “looking for rewriters” into the search bar and look through the offers.

If you purposefully start looking for customers, then in a couple of weeks you can find a part-time job with a decent income. And if the part-time job starts to bring you pleasure, then nothing will prevent you from giving up your main job and making rewriting your main source of profit.

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