How To Make A Thousand Dollars

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How To Make A Thousand Dollars
How To Make A Thousand Dollars

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With even a small start-up capital, for example, a thousand dollars, you can make money. And there are quite a few options. Of course, you can open an account and receive very modest interest, which in 20 years can turn into a good amount. But this scenario does not suit everyone.

How to make a thousand dollars
How to make a thousand dollars


Step 1

Open a legal entity. This step will take about half the amount. Perhaps a little more or less. Much depends on where you live.

Step 2

Find any production in your city. Negotiate with management to purchase a large batch of goods. Get the maximum discount and sign the contract. The only caveat - sign the contract with a deferred payment. And the more it is, the better.

Step 3

Make a list of organizations that sell this type of product. Call them all and send commercial offers. Indicate in them the amount for the product a little more than you will pay. Don't increase the price significantly. With those who agree, negotiate and sign the contract.

Step 4

Most likely, you will also be paid for the goods with a deferred payment. Make sure that it is less than the one specified in your contract with the manufacturer. Sign as many of these contracts as possible. Pick up the goods from the manufacturer and deliver them to your customers. At a certain time, you will be paid the cost of the goods. You will pay a slightly lower cost to the manufacturer. The remainder is your income. The more actively you work with clients, the more income you will receive.

Step 5

Buy stocks and start playing in the foreign exchange markets. Read more information on this way of making money. It is associated with great risk. Be careful when investing.

Step 6

Get some large aquariums and about 200 snails. Prepare your tanks and run snails there. After a few months, they will start laying eggs. If you have already purchased adults, then the amount of time before the first clutch can be about a month.

Step 7

Place the eggs carefully (so as not to break) into other equipped aquariums. When the hatched snails are full, start selling them. If you have bought edible breeds, then they can be very profitably sold to restaurants. If not, then to pet stores and individuals. The first option is much more profitable, a kilogram of snail meat costs about 30 euros.

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