How To Write A Claim To A Debtor

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How To Write A Claim To A Debtor
How To Write A Claim To A Debtor

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Claims activity is of great importance in case of violation of the terms of the contract of business entities. The fact is that in order to go to court to collect a debt in accordance with Part 1 of Art. 151 of the COD, it is necessary to present evidence of attempts at pre-trial settlement of the dispute, otherwise the claim will not be accepted for consideration. In addition, a properly drawn up written appeal to the debtor can force him to settle accounts with you without bringing the case to court proceedings.

How to write a claim to a debtor
How to write a claim to a debtor


Step 1

Prepare all the necessary documents pertaining to your situation. This is the contract itself, reconciliation statements and other papers confirming the fact of violation of the terms of the transaction. In addition, you will need your organisation's letterhead (if available) to file your complaint in accordance with your company's business practices.

Step 2

The first mandatory item is to specify the addressee's details. This is the name of the organization, its address, surname and initials of the head. Then write in the center the name of the commercial letter "Claim". Begin filling out the main body of the document by describing the subject of the agreement. Here you should refer to the agreement, indicating its number, the date of conclusion, the names of the contracting parties, the amount of the transaction.

Describe the fact of violation of obligations, provide evidence of such (referring to other documents) and clauses of the agreement, the provisions of which were not fully implemented. Indicate the amount to be recovered from the debtor due to the identified violations.

Step 3

List your requirements for the debtor based on the above. Offer him to make a full calculation within the specified time frame. Tell us about your intentions to go to court to protect your own interests.

Step 4

Sign the complaint with your business manager. To complete the procedure for issuing an official document, register it with the secretary as outgoing in accordance with the rules of office work.

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