How To Pay A Driver's Salary

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How To Pay A Driver's Salary
How To Pay A Driver's Salary
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The amount of the driver's salary is set upon employment. Most often, the employer sets payment at an hourly wage rate or salary, but this amount is considered basic, since according to clause 3.5 of the Federal Sectoral Agreement, wages include not only direct payment for labor, but also bonuses for class, length of service and work efficiency.

How to pay a driver's salary
How to pay a driver's salary

It is necessary

  • - time sheet;
  • - calculator or computer.


Step 1

Pay the driver's salary based on the instructions in the employment contract. Add to this amount the bonuses and incentives specified in the internal legal acts or collective agreements of the enterprise. Also enter all premiums for class in the collective agreement or other legal normative act of your company.

Step 2

According to the industry agreement, you are obliged to charge all drivers 24% of the salary or of the total hourly wage rate calculated per month for special conditions related to the traveling nature of work, as well as if the driver independently carried out major or minor repairs.

Step 3

Based on the base salary or hourly rate, make additional charges for class, if the driver has 1 class, add 25%, the second - 10%.

Step 4

Next, add the bonuses, incentives or rewards specified in the internal documents. If the driver worked at night, then according to the Labor Code, pay all night hours with a 20% surcharge. Night hours are considered to be from 22 to 6.

Step 5

For work on weekends, holidays, overtime work, charge double the pay if the driver did not want to receive an additional day off.

Step 6

Subtract income tax and advance payments from total income. The remaining amount will be the driver's salary for one month of work.

Step 7

According to article 168 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, you are obliged to pay drivers all expenses related to traveling work, but they do not apply to wages and are not included in the amount of taxable income of the driver. Therefore, you must pay these amounts separately.

Step 8

In addition to these features, the calculation of salaries for employees with a traveling nature of work is no different from the charges and payments for employees working in the office. You can make the calculation on a calculator or using the computer program "1C Enterprise".

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