How To Take An Inventory Of Property

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How To Take An Inventory Of Property
How To Take An Inventory Of Property

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Organizations must conduct inventory with enviable regularity. After all, this is how you can control the safety of equipment and other office furnishings. And the procedure for conducting an inventory check is even enshrined in law.

How to take an inventory of property
How to take an inventory of property

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Step 1

To begin with, create a special commission, for which the right to conduct an inventory will be assigned on an ongoing basis. This is done like this: the head of the organization draws up a corresponding order, which must then be registered in a special control book. Moreover, you will not have to suffer with the preparation of such a paper - the universal forms of this document were approved by the Decree of the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation No. 88 back in 1998.

Directly in the composition of the inventory commission must necessarily include representatives of the administration, an accountant, in some cases an engineer, economist, technician. Also, sometimes independent audit firms are invited for verification.

Step 2

When the commission arrives at the facility, the financially responsible persons of the organization should help it as much as possible in carrying out the inspection. These can be foremen, storekeepers, accountants, etc. The financially responsible person is obliged to provide the commission with all documents related to the latest reports on the movement of property around the facility, as well as all receipts and expenditures. All this must be endorsed by the chairman of the inspection commission. You should also verify the certificates and receipts that relate to the capitalized values.

Step 3

After verifying the papers, the commission proceeds to the actual verification. This can be counting, weighing, measuring and other types of checks. At the same time, together with the commission, the person who is the materially responsible person must always be present. This is necessary so that the members of the commission can promptly receive answers to questions that arise during the verification process.

Step 4

Do not forget to log all your actions. So, for example, if you are engaged in measuring any property, enter all the values ​​you have obtained in special acts. Each of them must be certified by the signature of the checking employee. At the end of the check, all these acts must be attached to the report.

Step 5

When you draw up an inventory based on the results of the check, do it in duplicate. You will leave one of them in the commission, the other you will give to the financially responsible person. It is necessary to fill in all the lines in the verification report - no blank lines can be left. If you do not have information, put a dash. After the final registration of the check lists, they must be certified with the signatures of all members of the checking commission and financially responsible persons.

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