How To Return The Car To The Dealer

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How To Return The Car To The Dealer
How To Return The Car To The Dealer

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The Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" provides for the seller's responsibility for the sold low-quality goods, and the buyer can use a number of tools for an unscrupulous seller (dealer).

How to return the car to the dealer
How to return the car to the dealer


Step 1

Please read the Purchase Agreement carefully before starting the process of returning the vehicle to the dealer, as this procedure requires good reason. Seek help from a qualified lawyer who understands all the intricacies of litigation. If you do not have the means to hand over the business to a professional, get at least one consultation from him. Having found out all the intricacies of writing claims to dealers, statements and appeals to the court, start writing a claim to the dealer with a demand to terminate the contract and return money for a poor-quality product (take a sample of writing a claim from a lawyer or download it from the Internet).

Step 2

Submit a statement of claim to the court (take the rules for writing a statement and a sample either in court, or from a lawyer, or download from the Internet) if the dealer refuses to terminate the contract with you and return the money. In your claim, you can apply to the court with a request to recover from the dealer a forfeit for the delay in fulfilling your requirements, compensation for moral damage inflicted on you and payment for the services of a lawyer, if you used them. File your application and await a subpoena. Hire a lawyer to protect your interests.

Step 3

After the order is issued, take a copy of it and wait for the dealer to fulfill all its obligations. If the dealer does not comply or partially complies with the court order, apply again with the appropriate statement. In this case, demand compensation for moral damage and payment of a fine. Take a sample of a repeated statement of claim in court, from a lawyer or from the Internet, but to draw up a quality claim, use the services of a lawyer. If you win the case, the dealer will have to reimburse you for all legal costs and other expenses.

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