How To Handle A Divorce In Court

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How To Handle A Divorce In Court
How To Handle A Divorce In Court
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Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a married couple is forced to divorce not through the registry office, but through the courts. The decision of the judge often depends on the behavior of the spouses. This is especially true in cases when the question is being decided with which of the parents the child will remain after the divorce.

How to handle a divorce in court
How to handle a divorce in court


Step 1

Be calm and correct, do not fall for provocations. If a person reacts too emotionally to any words, interrupts and insults other participants in the process, allows himself comments from the place, loudly discusses something with neighbors, then he can be reprimanded, and in case of regular violations of the rules of conduct, he can be fined. If you are not sure that you will be able to behave correctly, entrust the case to a lawyer and follow all his instructions.

Step 2

Do not be indignant, do not jump up and shout if the evidence against you is clearly falsified. Just tell a lawyer about it: good experts easily lead liars to clean water. Do not interfere until you are asked to do so, so as not to spoil the favorable impression that your lawyer's speech will make on the judge with excessive emotions.

Step 3

Do not pressure the judge and do not urge those present to show humanity and take your side. Such attempts at manipulation are not uncommon, and almost never lead to the desired result. On the contrary, when a judge sees that they are trying to manipulate or even blackmail him, he can dramatically change his attitude towards a person for the worse or even begin to suspect that he is hiding something and intentionally puts pressure on others, trying to get his way as soon as possible.

Step 4

Refrain from tantrums, tears, scandals, fake fainting spells, and other signs of inappropriate behavior. Believe me, such techniques will not do you any good. On the contrary, the judge will begin to doubt that you are mentally healthy and may even order an examination. This is especially serious when it comes to a child: it is unlikely that he will be left with an unbalanced, inadequate parent.

Step 5

Follow all the requirements of the judge unquestioningly, do not argue with him. Moreover, do not allow yourself to be rude to him in response to comments. Firstly, you can get a fine for this. Secondly, despite the fact that the judge works with facts, and not with emotions, he will certainly take into account the peculiarities of your behavior, even if unconsciously.

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