How To Ask A Lawyer A Question For Free

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How To Ask A Lawyer A Question For Free
How To Ask A Lawyer A Question For Free
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If you need quick help from a lawyer, but you are not ready to shell out large sums of money for face-to-face consultations with specialists, you can use one of the online legal services on the Internet, where lawyers will answer your questions for free.

How to ask a lawyer a question for free
How to ask a lawyer a question for free


Step 1

There are a lot of such sites providing legal assistance. Some of them:

Step 2

Before asking a question to a qualified lawyer, try to find the answer in Internet search engines. Sometimes what seems completely incomprehensible to you turns out to be simple, you just need to enter keywords in the search bar. First, it will be much faster and easier to get an answer in this way. Secondly, most of the lawyers working in online consultations will still forward your question, unless it is a really problematic situation.

Step 3

On most sites that provide such services, there is a thematic subdivision for a more precise request: family law, land law, etc. Go to the appropriate section. Perhaps someone has already been interested in a similar situation and it will be easier for you to find the answer to your question in the already published requests than to wait for the help of a lawyer directly to you.

Step 4

When addressing your problem to a specialist, try to clearly and competently state the essence of your problem. Describe the situation as fully as possible, but without unnecessary details.

Step 5

Pay attention to the region that is responsible for the site offering legal aid. Since Codes of Law differ from country to country, the answer from Belarusian or Ukrainian lawyers may not suit you.

Step 6

Some services call back on the phone you specified and conduct a conversation directly, on some sites there is a system of written responses, which are subsequently seen by other users.

Step 7

How long you have to wait for an answer to your question depends on the chosen service, as well as on you: on the complexity of your question, on the correctness of its wording, on the completeness of the disclosure of the problem. Some sites promise a response within one minute, others set a limit per day.

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