How To Change Your Passport

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How To Change Your Passport
How To Change Your Passport

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On the basis of the Regulation "On the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation" there are several situations for replacing a passport, which are divided into 2 groups: planned and unscheduled passport replacement, which have their own requirements and characteristics.

How to change your passport
How to change your passport


Step 1

Planned replacement of the passport of the Russian Federation by age - at 20 and 45 years. The term for changing the passport in this case is 30 days, i.e. no later than 1 month from the date you reach the specified age, you must submit documents to the FMS in order to change your passport.

If within the specified period you do not change your passport, then in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 19.15 of the Administrative Code you will face a fine. In addition, after 30 days, your old passport will be invalid, which will limit you in many of the rights of a citizen of the Russian Federation. An exception is conscript military service. If you turn 20 during your service, then your passport must be changed immediately after retirement.

Step 2

An unscheduled passport replacement is necessary:

- when changing the name, patronymic or surname;

- when you change your gender;

- if the passport is damaged or worn out;

-if inaccuracies or errors are found in the passport.

Step 3

To replace your passport, you must prepare the following documents:

-Application with your personal signature, certified by an employee of the Federal Migration Service or the passport office;

-old passport;

-2 photos 3 * 4;

- documents that are necessary for affixing marks in the passport: military ID, birth certificate of a child under the age of fourteen, registration at the place of residence, marriage certificate, divorce certificate.

- documents that confirm the basis for changing the passport: certificate of change of name, certificate of change of gender and others.

- a receipt confirming the payment of the state duty for the replacement of the passport.

Step 4

When preparing these documents, you must submit them to the territorial office of the FMS or to the passport office at the place of residence. Within 30 days from the date of submission of documents, you must change and issue a new passport. If the FMS authorities violate this deadline, an error was made in issuing a new passport, or a refusal to accept your documents for passport exchange is made, then you have the right to write a complaint to the higher FMS Directorate.

Step 5

In case of theft or loss of your passport, you must write a statement to the police. First of all, this must be done in order to avoid the possible use of your passport for fraudulent purposes.

The police should give you a coupon - a notification confirming your request for theft. Then you need to take an extract from the house book from the house administration about registration at the place of residence.

After that, contact the passport office to replace your passport, providing the documents:

-state-notification (in case of passport theft);

-Application for the exchange of a passport with a detailed indication of the circumstances of the loss or theft of the passport;

-4 photos 3 * 4;

-receipt of payment of the state duty;

- an extract about registration at the place of residence from the house book.

Step 6

In addition, the passport office may require additional documents from you:

-birth certificate;

- certificate of marriage (divorce);

- RF passport;

-military ID;

-union card;

-hunting ticket;

-driver's license;

-Certificate of release from places of deprivation of liberty.

Step 7

According to Russian law, a new passport must be issued to you within 2 months from the date of submission of the application and the necessary documents. If this deadline is violated, you have the right to complain to the head of the passport office or to the FMS.

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