How To Become A Hairdresser

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How To Become A Hairdresser
How To Become A Hairdresser

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Hairdresser is one of the most popular and interesting professions today. A hairdresser is a person who can transform anyone with the help of a successful haircut or stylish styling, as well as a skillfully selected hair color.

How to become a hairdresser
How to become a hairdresser

Where to study

To master the profession of a hairdresser, after grade 9 or 11, you must enter a college or technical school for this specialty. The training will last 2-3 years. You can study both paid and free. In addition to specialized disciplines, teaching in general subjects is compulsory in the college.

There is another way - these are paid hairdressing courses. They operate either directly at hairdressing salons or on the basis of training centers. Their plus is fast training, most often from existing hairdressing professionals. By the way, at many hairdressing courses, at the very beginning, they find out whether the personal qualities of a particular listener correspond to the future profession. It is important for a hairdresser to be a stress-resistant, confident, calm person.

After completing a theoretical course in college or courses, the most important thing will begin - the formation of you as a master of hairdressing. Because theory is not enough to be considered a hairdresser. It is necessary to reinforce it with practical skills that will appear after several years of work. If you decide to become a hairdresser, then know that you will have to constantly comprehend something new, because in this area new trends appear every season.

Hairdressers have their own specialization. For novice professionals, yesterday's graduates, this is a general hairdresser. This specialist works with women, men and children. She cuts, dyes, curls, style her hair. A hairdresser-stylist, or a hairdresser-technologist, will provide services for the creation of model and evening hairstyles, wedding hairstyles, avant-garde haircuts, and all kinds of perms. Here you can't do without the element of creativity. A specialist of the highest category - a master fashion designer-stylist, or a fashion designer-hairstyle artist - must be able to do makeup, computer selection of hairstyles, coloring, gommage, etc. Here, hard work alone cannot do without talent.

"Cons" of the profession

The working day of an ordinary hairdresser lasts 8-12 hours, but you will have to spend almost all this time on your feet. This is perhaps the most important disadvantage of the profession. In addition, a hairdresser has to spend the whole day in a room with paints emitting various odors, with a hairdryer turned on, etc. Varicose veins, arthritis are companions of many hairdressers.

The profession of a hairdresser will probably remain in demand for a long time, because according to statistics, vacancies in the labor market for specialists in this industry are about 30%. This is enough. For example, 1,700 beauty salons are registered in Moscow alone. And new ones are opening every month. With regard to earnings, the novice master earns about 30 thousand rubles.

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