How To Write In A Work Book

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How To Write In A Work Book
How To Write In A Work Book

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It only seems that it is easy and simple to fill out a work book. There are many pitfalls in filling it out.

Employment history
Employment history

It is necessary

employment history


Step 1

Be very attentive to the design of the title page of the work book. The surname, name, patronymic and date of birth of the owner of the book must be written correctly to each letter and number, checking the passport data.

In the columns "education" and "profession, specialty" indicate the education and specialty received on the basis of the diploma presented to you.

The date of filling out the work book must necessarily coincide with the date of employment.

The seal of the institution must be clear, as well as the signature of the person responsible for drawing up the work book.

After completing these boxes, you must familiarize the employee with the content of the title page and the employment record. The owner of the work book is obliged to put his signature on the title page in the appropriate column.

Step 2

If a person is applying for a job for the first time, then before making a record of employment, in the column "Information about the job" it is necessary to indicate which educational institution he graduated from.

If the employee does not have any educational document, and he did not have any work experience before being hired at your institution, then we write down that he has no work experience before hiring.

Next, we write the full name of your institution, correctly, without abbreviations and abbreviations. And only after completing these procedures, we proceed to registering for a job.

First, we indicate in Arabic numerals the ordinal number of the record in the “Record No.” column, then the year, month and day in the “date” column. The date indicated in this column must necessarily coincide with the date of the order for the employment of this person.

In the column "Information about work" on the basis of the text of the order or instruction, we make an entry: hired in such and such a department or workshop for such and such a position.

In the column “On the basis of which the entry was made (document, its date and number), we make an entry: order (order) No. and indicate the date of publication of the order in Arabic numerals.

When filling out a work book, no abbreviations of words are allowed.

How to write in a work book
How to write in a work book

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