How To Get A Job As A Bartender

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How To Get A Job As A Bartender
How To Get A Job As A Bartender

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The bartender is a very popular profession, which involves communication not only with alcoholic beverages, but also with people, which is not unimportant. It is difficult for everyone to get a good job: no matter what profession you are. Therefore, persistence and professionalism play the main role here.

How to get a job as a bartender
How to get a job as a bartender

It is necessary

  • - a desire to work;
  • - the Internet;
  • - PC;
  • - newspaper ads.


Step 1

If you know only the basics, or in general, your knowledge ends with what a bartender is - take special courses. Finding them will not be difficult. Open a local classifieds newspaper or classifieds site for your city. If no one provides such a service, and there is a food college in the city (cooks, waiters, etc.), go there, 99, 9% of them have such courses.

Step 2

Take your training as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to memorize all the material and ask everything that you do not understand. Practice takes a special place. If something doesn't work out, don't despair, try again. Don't forget: talented people are not born, they become.

Step 3

Create a separate notebook where you write down all the information about alcoholic drinks and cocktails. The bartender is more appreciated if he has his own unique cocktail recipes. So don't be afraid to experiment.

Step 4

To get a job in a prestigious institution, you need work experience. Do not be afraid to start working for low fees - this is just the start of your career. The main task is to "fill your hand". Remember, if you get a job, the employer will be interested not only in the length of service, but also in your skills. Most likely, he will offer to work a couple of nights, where they will closely follow you. It is at this stage that your salary will be determined and, in general, whether they will be hired.

Step 5

Join the Federation of Bartenders. Such an organization exists in most cities. Firstly, this is an additional image for you as a professional bartender. Secondly, it is a way to additionally acquire new skills and share experiences with others. Thirdly, the opportunity to make money. In most cases, the federation of bartenders takes part not only in the life of the clubs, but also in the cultural life of the city as a whole. This is the organization of parties with bartender shows, corporate events, etc.

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