How To Enjoy Your Day At Work

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How To Enjoy Your Day At Work
How To Enjoy Your Day At Work

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In the age of propaganda of harmfulness of work and glorification of the four-hour working day, our reality sometimes seems unbearable. It's time to learn how to enjoy everyday work.

How to enjoy your day at work
How to enjoy your day at work

Maintaining good relationships with colleagues

The problem of working in an office is mainly related to the fact that we cannot choose the team in which we work. You have to try to maintain good relationships at work, otherwise office hours can get really unbearable. To maintain good or at least neutral relationships with your colleagues, follow the basic rules that apply to communication in any situation:

- do not criticize people;

- do not be rude to them;

- do not enter into disputes and skirmishes with brawlers;

- do not gossip;

- look for the good in people.

Doing your job best

You may not be enthusiastic about your company and the team in which you work, but being a good employee is your responsibility. When you see the purpose and meaning of your work, you feel satisfied and rewarding.

Refusing to work from home

For freelancers, the opportunity not to work in excess is a luxury, but for an office worker it is quite an accessible reality. The main thing is to be able to distract yourself from work and completely immerse yourself in other things (yes, you should not check your work mail either).

Abstraction from the stress of your company

Of course, all companies try to instill in their employees values ​​such as “one organism,” “one team,” and so on. etc. In reality, you shouldn't bother yourself with all this. Even if the company is experiencing any problems (for example, there are questions from the tax department), you should not worry about it. Just do your job well.

Lunches outside the workplace

If you have, and work, and generally do everything within the four walls of your office, the office itself will quickly get bored. If possible, dine in a cafe or in a special rest room, if your company has one.

Getting rid of guilt about things that didn't happen because of you

When you are responsible for a lot of things, it is very difficult to accept that many problems are not caused by you and your team. Learn to distinguish between such cases, and try not to be nervous if something went wrong because of someone else.

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