Remote Work, Its Advantages And Disadvantages

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Remote Work, Its Advantages And Disadvantages
Remote Work, Its Advantages And Disadvantages

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The development of Internet technologies opens up unlimited opportunities and freedom of choice for people. More and more citizens are choosing to work from home, leaving the stuffy and noisy offices. And such an organization of labor is very beneficial for employers.

Remote work, its advantages and disadvantages
Remote work, its advantages and disadvantages

There are fewer workplaces to equip, and there is no need to rent large premises for employees. Costs are cut. In general, no matter how you look at it, it is profitable for employers to take their subordinates out of the state, transferring them to remote work.

Remote work, what is it?

First of all, it should be noted that home work can be either with official registration or without it. And this is a big difference. I want to start with remote work, when an employment contract is concluded between the employer and the employees, the former pays all the necessary taxes, and the latter has all social guarantees. This type of work is beneficial to both. The employer cuts the costs of the employee, but what does the employee get?

Quite a lot too. Ability not to commute to work, that is, not to waste money (and time) on the road, meals, business clothes. The second plus is the ability to plan the time and place of work on your own. In addition to such pleasant bonuses, the employee receives a stable salary and, by the way, can take a part-time job in order to increase his income.

Recently, many employers have been transferring accountants, marketers, lawyers, programmers and other specialists to remote work (it all depends on the specifics of the organization). Remote work is an excellent solution for mothers on maternity leave (and those people who, for one reason or another, cannot leave home for a long time), since this approach allows women not only not to lose their professional skills, but also stay with their child. and get paid. In general, remote work with official design has a huge number of advantages. Of the minuses, some people note the lack of communication with colleagues, but everything is individual here, since many people simply do not need such communication.

With remote work without signing a contract, this kind of activity is also called freelancing, the situation is more complicated. The trouble is that the employee must look for orders on his own, and this is not so easy. But first things first.

So, the pluses of freelancing include, again, the opportunity to work where it is convenient, there is no need to get up early, go to work, spend money on the road and travel outside the home, and the income with such remote work will completely depend only on abilities and perseverance. and the desires of a freelancer.

But there are also a lot of disadvantages to working remotely without an employment contract. The first disadvantage is finding an employer. Frequently, free workers are sometimes thick and sometimes empty. The second negative point is a lot of competition. It is necessary not only to be able to correctly present oneself to the employer, but also to prove that one's superiority among other employees. And the last danger that awaits a freelancer is an unscrupulous customer. It also happens that a person, having completed a large amount of work, does not receive a dime, and the employer simply evaporates. Therefore, there is always a chance to be left without payment.

Who can work without leaving home?

Most people mistakenly believe that the main activity of a freelancer is writing and selling texts, but this is fundamentally wrong. Recently, there are many marketers, accountants and even freelance teachers. It all depends on the capabilities and desires of the person. So experienced teachers of foreign languages ​​give lessons online, and accountants perform quarterly reports for various small firms.

Of course, everyone decides for himself whether it is worth working as a freelancer or not.But if a person has chosen this type of earnings, then he must clearly understand that money is not so easy to earn. Freelancers often build a customer base, experience and respect for the first year.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that remote work is an excellent option for many, but the most reasonable thing, of course, is to make money with the formalization of an employment contract. This will allow not only to protect yourself, but also to have a stable income.

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