How To Deregister

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How To Deregister
How To Deregister

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The registration and deregistration of citizens at the place of residence and stay is handled by the Federal Migration Service. Deregistration occurs upon permanent or temporary departure from the previous place of residence. Depending on the reasons, the discharge occurs on a voluntary or compulsory basis.

How to deregister
How to deregister


Step 1

On the basis of a personal statement of a citizen about voluntary deregistration, which is submitted to the registering authority in electronic form or in handwritten form. In this case, deregistration documents are issued within three days. The citizen is issued a passport with a note on the statement and a second copy of the departure sheet. When registering at a new address and having registration at the previous place of residence, a citizen simultaneously fills in an application for registration and deregistration. The registration authority sends an application for withdrawal to the previous place of residence.

Step 2

On the basis of a court decision that has entered into legal force. If there is a decision on eviction, loss of the right to use the residential premises, as well as if there is a decision that establishes that registration was made illegally, on the basis of inaccurate documents, deregistration is compulsory, without the consent of citizens.

Step 3

On the basis of a court verdict on the imposition of a sentence of real imprisonment. On this basis, a temporary discharge of the convicted person is made.

Step 4

On the basis of a message from the military registration and enlistment office, in the event of a call for military service, a temporary deregistration is made without an application from a citizen.

Step 5

Upon expiration of the registration period at the place of stay, registration or submission of any documents is not required.

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