How To Register The Sale And Purchase Of A Summer Cottage

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How To Register The Sale And Purchase Of A Summer Cottage
How To Register The Sale And Purchase Of A Summer Cottage

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Recently, transactions for the purchase of summer cottages have become more frequent. Someone wants to build a cozy small house for themselves, in order to spend a weekend or vacation in nature, far from noisy megacities. In order not to face problems in the future, you should correctly draw up a purchase and sale agreement when buying or selling a land plot. Please note that in each specific case, the package of documents for the transaction is individual.

How to register the sale and purchase of a summer cottage
How to register the sale and purchase of a summer cottage


Step 1

Submit correctly executed documents to the registration service for registration of the sale and purchase transaction and transfer of ownership of real estate. Firstly, documents of title to a land plot, it can be a contract of sale, donation, exchange, inheritance and others, and a certificate of state registration of this right, which is issued by the registration chamber of a constituent entity of the Federation, if the land plot was purchased after 01.01.1998.

Step 2

Draw up and submit the text of the sales contract, which you and the buyer sign in your own hand or by a representative under a power of attorney. If in simple writing, then two copies, if in notarial form, which is more desirable, then three copies. In addition, draw up and submit a deed of transfer to the contract - three copies when making a deal with a notary.

Step 3

Write statements from both parties to the agreement on the state registration of the agreement and on the state registration of the transfer of ownership. Provide a certificate from the board of a gardening partnership, in accordance with Art. 34 of the Federal Law "On horticultural, vegetable gardening and dacha non-profit associations of citizens." Get a cadastral plan of the land, i.e. an extract from the state cadastral registration of real estate with an assessment of the site. It should also be attached to the general package of documents. If the acquisition of a land plot for a summer cottage took place after 09/01/2006, then a duly completed form of the technical passport of an individual housing construction object, and not a passport from the State Unitary Enterprise BTI of a constituent entity of the Federation or an extract from the technical passport for a building, which is issued by a technical accounting body, which contains the inventory cost of a summer cottage, garden or another house.

Step 4

Provide a certificate from the tax authority on the absence of tax arrears, for this particular property from the seller. Take from a notary the certified consent of the spouse of the seller and the buyer for the sale and purchase of the owner's property, respectively, in the case when the property is acquired or sold during the marriage.

Step 5

Provide a civil passport of the buyer and seller, a receipt for payment of the state duty for registration of the transaction, as well as for the transfer of ownership. In the event that the transaction is notarized, then provide an extract from the register of rights to real estate and transactions with it. All documents for state registration of rights must be submitted in two or more copies, one must be original, with the exception of acts of local self-government and authorities.

Step 6

Conclude a contract for the sale and purchase of a land plot (with or without a house) in writing, sign it on both sides (seller and buyer), drawing up one document. In it, indicate the data that allow you to accurately establish the real estate that is subject to transfer to the buyer under the contract, as well as data that determine its location on the land, in accordance with Art. 554 of the Civil Code of Russia. The value of real estate, which is indicated in the contract and is located on the land plot, includes the value of the part of the land plot transferred with this real estate or the right to it, unless otherwise provided by the contract or law, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Art. 555 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

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