How To Write A Power Of Attorney

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How To Write A Power Of Attorney
How To Write A Power Of Attorney

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You can issue a power of attorney at a notary office on the basis of article №185 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation or write it by hand, having assured by a notary. The authority to certify the document is vested in the chief or duty doctors of hospitals, ship commanders, authorized employees of official institutions, if an emergency arises or there is no way to go to a notary.

How to write a power of attorney
How to write a power of attorney

It is necessary

  • - passport of the principal and the trustee;
  • - A-4 sheet.


Step 1

The most convenient way to issue a general, one-time or special power of attorney is to contact the notary office together with an authorized person, present your passport and express your wishes regarding the timing and authority.

Step 2

The notary will draw up a document taking into account all the articles of the current legislation. A one-time power of attorney is a document according to which one order, entrusted by the principal, can be executed. A special power of attorney allows for a certain time to perform for the principal only those powers that are specified in the document. A general power of attorney allows the authorized person to perform absolutely any legally significant actions for the principal within three years. After the expiration of the validity period of any document, it will have to be reissued, since the validity period of the power of attorney is not extended.

Step 3

The law allows for any type of power of attorney to be issued in simple writing, but if only the client's signature is put under the document, such a power of attorney cannot be considered legally valid, therefore you can write it yourself, but you still have to certify the document with a notary or sign the authorized persons under it official institutions in which the document is drawn up.

Step 4

For example, if you are in a military unit and there is no notary office nearby, you have the right to entrust your authority to a trusted person, draw up a power of attorney in writing and sign with the platoon or unit commander. In the same way, you can issue a power of attorney if you are in a hospital, hospital, on a ship. Under the document, in addition to the signature of the principal, there must always be the signature of the official representative of the institution in which you issued the document.

Step 5

In the header of the document, indicate the passport details of the principal and the trustee, in detail the address of permanent registration, full name, date, month and year of birth. Next, write "Power of Attorney" in the center of the sheet.

Step 6

Describe in detail, point by point, what, when, for how long you entrusted. The procedure for describing the powers of the trustee must be very detailed and precise. At the bottom, put the signature of the principal, the authorized person present at the execution of the document, the seal of the official institution in which you drew up the power of attorney.

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