Where To Go To Work In The Summer

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Where To Go To Work In The Summer
Where To Go To Work In The Summer

Video: Where To Go To Work In The Summer

Video: Where To Go To Work In The Summer
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In the summer, during vacations and seasonal work, advertisements for temporary employment or part-time jobs appear. You can get such a job on a fixed-term or piece-rate contract. In this case, all social guarantees will be assigned to you. Temporary vacancies are usually taken by students on vacation or wishing to work part-time.

Where to go to work in the summer
Where to go to work in the summer


Step 1

Look for ads for seasonal work on special resources. Usually, temporary vacancies begin to appear from the end of April to the beginning of May. Women and students are offered to work in school and country camps, child development centers as educators and animators. Such work will be of interest to future teachers and psychologists.

Step 2

If you want to not only earn money, but also live in nature, look for ads for recruiting domestic staff. In summer, gardeners and nannies are required in country houses, who can constantly live with children in the country. Such options are also attractive because often, in addition to the salary, full board is also provided for the employee - accommodation, meals, travel compensation.

Step 3

Take a walk in the park. But not to relax, but to find your potential employers. Summer is the beginning of the amusement season and people are needed who are ready to work as operators and technical staff. Summer cafes are always ready to accept those who want to work without further contract extension. By the way, working in a cafe is also suitable for combining. After all, the main influx of visitors is in the evening, which means that you can be taken on the evening shift without prejudice to constant work.

Step 4

If you are fluent in foreign languages and computer programs, apply for a travel agency. At the height of the holiday season, they can recruit employees to "reinforce" on popular routes. At the same time, employment can be not only office, you can work as a courier, meet and see off groups of tourists. With those employees who show themselves and like the management, they can extend the contract. After all, as you know, there is a constant staff turnover in the tourism business.

Step 5

Read real estate agency recruitment advertisements. Summer is the hottest season there, especially in the suburban real estate and land department. You may be offered to show objects to potential buyers. You will need to learn all the technical documentation for houses or plots and, of course, show eloquence and persuasion.

Step 6

Take a closer look at the kvass and ice cream tents set up in your area. As a rule, an announcement is immediately posted there that a seller is being sought. Such work does not require any special skills. It will only be necessary to make a medical book.

Step 7

Charitable foundations and volunteer organizations for the summer invite caring people to work with orphans in special camps. A mobile group of volunteers gathers to spend their free time with children, do some kind of art, sports, and organize holidays. All live on the basis of a camp or a private house. This is a very interesting experience for those who want to start working in the field of charity, meet new interesting people, share their skills and abilities in contacts with children who need attention.

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