What To Do If A Person Is Missing

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What To Do If A Person Is Missing
What To Do If A Person Is Missing

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“Lost” - this is how cases about missing people are called in the professional jargon of law enforcement officials. Unfortunately, no one can be sure that such a misfortune will not affect his loved ones.

What to do if a person is missing
What to do if a person is missing

The reason for the disappearance of a person can be an accident (for example, a traffic accident), a sudden illness (for example, a heart attack or stroke). A person could become a victim of a crime. Finally, there are also voluntary disappearances, for example, an adult young man wants to get rid of the guardianship of annoying parents. A child or teenager may well run away from home.

In any case, you need to at least find out what happened. The earlier the search is started, the greater the chances of a favorable outcome.

What to do when a person disappears

If a person did not return, the code he promised, or when he usually returned, if he does not answer phone calls at the same time, this is already a cause for concern. The first thing to do is to call where he was supposed to be: to work, to a friend to whom he visited, etc. If he is not there, at least they can say at what time he left and under what circumstances (perhaps he quarreled with someone, someone made threats against him - this information may be important).

The next step is to call all hospitals. You may have to call in turn to different departments, and you need to start with those in which the person could get more likely. For example, if the missing person suffers from bronchial asthma, you need to start from the pulmonary department, and if you have coronary heart disease - from the cardiac department.

If it was not possible to find a person in this way, you must contact the police. There is an opinion that it is possible to apply there only three days after disappearance. This is not so, you need to contact immediately, as his disappearance became obvious, and attempts to find out something did not give the result. You should know that the person on duty has no right to refuse to accept such an application.

When submitting an application, it is necessary to describe in detail the signs of the missing person, inform when, where and for what purpose he went, when he intended to return, how he was dressed, what things he had with him, a mobile phone number. If a person suffers from any chronic disease, this should also be reported. It is necessary to attach two later photographs to the application - a full-length photograph and a portrait photograph. It will not be superfluous and any object on which the missing person's fingerprints could remain.

After the submission of the application, the relatives of the disappeared person can only wait. Law enforcement agencies should be disturbed only if they recall some information that may be important, or new circumstances have arisen - for example, threats by phone or in the form of notes.

Prevention of traceless disappearances

The disappearance of people can be, if not completely prevented, then minimized, if you adhere to some rules. You should always carry an identity document (for example, a passport) with you. Wherever a person goes, you need to inform loved ones about your plans so that they raise the alarm in time in case of his unknown absence. This is especially true for those who have to return home at night.

Going to another city, you need to tell your loved ones as much information as possible about your movements: which train or flight, seat on the plane or train carriage, departure and arrival times and other details. It is important to agree on a method of communication, then they will start looking for a person if he did not call or did not send a message at the agreed time.

If it happened that a person ended up in a hospital in a foreign city, you need to try to inform your loved ones about it.Even if your mobile phone is lost, or you run out of money on your account, and the medical staff does not allow you to use a landline phone, you can still find a way to contact your family. Visitors come to the ward neighbors living in this city, you can ask them to call or send an e-mail message. Among these people, there will definitely be a person who will agree to help.

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