How To Restore Parental Rights

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How To Restore Parental Rights
How To Restore Parental Rights
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Parental rights are deprived on the basis of article 70 of the RF IC. The grounds for deprivation are article 69 of the RF IC. If the parents have changed their way of life and can documentally confirm to the court that all the child's rights and obligations towards him will be respected, then the restoration of rights is possible.

How to restore parental rights
How to restore parental rights


  • - application to the court;
  • - a package of documents confirming the change in your lifestyle.


Step 1

If you have been deprived of parental rights, but want to restore them, go to court with a statement. Attach a report on the survey of your living space by members of the interdistrict housing commission.

Step 2

Invite not only the commission from the administration, but also representatives of the guardianship and guardianship authorities. Your apartment will be examined for the possibility of living for a minor child and the conditions created for this. Your home should be non-emergency, renovated, everything necessary for a full-fledged development and living should be prepared for the child. If the child is of school age, buy a desk, chair, closet for storing personal belongings, bookshelves, bed. For the preschooler, prepare a play area, bed, etc.

Step 3

Take a testimonial from the place of work and residence, a certificate of income of the 2-NDFL form.

Step 4

If you have been deprived of parental rights due to alcohol, drug, psychotropic substance abuse or mental disorders, get a certificate from a psychiatric and narcological dispensary that you have completed the full course of treatment, as a result of which a permanent remission has occurred.

Step 5

On the basis of a court order, you can be reinstated in parental rights and the child can be returned from the state institution where he was placed. If you were deprived of your rights, and the child lived with another parent, then you will be allowed to communicate with him and participate in his upbringing. Upon reaching the age of 10, the court takes into account the opinion of the minor.

Step 6

Parental rights cannot be returned under any circumstances if the child is adopted or you are deprived of your rights due to the threat to the life and health of the child.

Step 7

The process of restoring parental rights is very long and difficult, but if you really want to restore them, you will do everything possible and impossible to achieve the desired results.

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