How To Make Money At Home

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How To Make Money At Home
How To Make Money At Home

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It is believed that making money at home is more difficult than in the office. It is not always so. Often, a freelancer has a fairly stable income that exceeds the income of many office workers, while doing what he loves. There are many ways to make money at home, and if desired, anyone who knows foreign languages, can write articles and advertising texts, are engaged in programming or website design can become a successful freelancer. And this is just an incomplete list of possibilities.

How to make money at home
How to make money at home


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Each of us has certain knowledge and skills in at least one area. You can share them with others from your own apartment. If you know a school subject well (especially in foreign languages) and know how to work with children and adolescents, then the profession of a home tutor is right for you. Schoolchildren are not the only source of income for a tutor; quite often adults also learn foreign languages. All you need is a table for classes and materials - textbooks, manuals, reference books. You can find students through specialized sites like or by acquaintance. For a lesson lasting 45-60 minutes, a beginner tutor can earn at least 500 rubles. If you have experience in tutoring, you can increase your rates

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If you love small children and know how to take care of them, then you can organize a mini-kindergarten at home. Surely some of your neighbors have small children. Why queue up for a place in a municipal kindergarten or overpay for a private one? The child can be entrusted to you too. For those who decide to organize a mini-kindergarten, it is important to have a safe environment in the apartment (close the sockets, etc.), food for children, children's books and toys. About 500-700 rubles are taken from the parents of one child per day.

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Working from home is very suitable for professional party organizers. Indeed, does the person who develops programs for weddings and corporate events need an office? To run this business, you only need a website that will contain information about you, recommendations and sample scenarios of the holidays that you spend. You can first search for clients on your own - through forums, social networks, etc. Later, as a rule, word of mouth begins to work. On average, a wedding can cost from 15,000 rubles.

Step 4

It's no secret that freelance translators sometimes earn more than full-time translators. A freelancer can work for several organizations at once, perform translations at any time convenient for him. There is only one difficulty - there are a lot of translators in Moscow, and the prices for their services are low. However, if you translate specialized topics and have extensive experience, then you will find a good customer quickly. The cost of a page of a good translation from English into Russian is rarely below 300 rubles, lower prices (200 rubles and even lower) are usually offered to novice translators. If you do not belong to them, then you can safely demand a more adequate price. You can find customers through an acquaintance or through specialized sites for translators. Also, translation agencies often post vacancies on their websites.

Step 5

A programmer or web designer to work at home only needs a computer (laptop) with the necessary programs. Such a specialist can find clients through websites for freelancers - there are always a lot of such vacancies on them. Building an average website can cost from 30,000 rubles.

Step 6

If you are creative and know how to sew, then opening a tailor shop at home is a good option to make money. Despite the abundance of shops, people began to regain interest in tailoring to order. This is especially true for evening and wedding dresses. Your acquaintances can become the first customers, you can also create a website and attract customers with its help.In addition to a website, such a business will require sewing supplies and, possibly, several assistants. The cost of your orders depends only on you and on what kind of clothes you sew.

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