How To Calculate Salary

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How To Calculate Salary
How To Calculate Salary

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Every employee who works under an employment contract must receive a monthly salary. Its size and payment procedure is prescribed in the contract being concluded. Wages can be piecework, and maybe time-based. The order of calculation depends on its form.

How to calculate salary
How to calculate salary


Step 1

First of all, you should find out the salary or rate for one unit of product or service. You can see this information in the employment contract, in the employment order, or check with the accountant.

Step 2

Determine the hours you actually worked. If you pay by the hour, keep a special calendar. You can also look at this information in the timesheet, but for this you need to contact the accounting department.

Step 3

Let's say you work on a piecework wage. The labor contract establishes the following prices: for the production of one part, you are entitled to 150 rubles. In one month, you have made 100 units of products. Thus, 150 p. * 100 units = 15000 p.

Step 4

With a time-based form of payment, you need to determine the salary for one hour of work. To do this, divide your salary by the total number of hours in the month. Multiply the resulting figure by the amount of time worked.

Step 5

If you work in areas where district factors apply, calculate those as well. To do this, multiply the salary by the desired percentage. For example, you live in Irkutsk, where the regional coefficient is 1, 3. Thus, 15,000 rubles. * 1, 3 = 19500 p.

Step 6

The amount of personal income tax is withheld from the salary. Therefore, it is also worth subtracting. To do this, multiply the required wage by 13%. Calculate the amount received from the due payment. Thus, with a salary equal to 19,500 rubles, the amount of tax will be 2535 rubles. It turns out that you will receive 16965 rubles in your hands.

Step 7

If you have been involved in overtime work, calculate your pay for those hours. To do this, multiply the pay for one hour of work by 1, 5 (when working up to two hours a day) and by 2 (for work over 2 hours). Night work is paid double. All these payments are also tax deductible.

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