How To Create A Sales Department

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How To Create A Sales Department
How To Create A Sales Department

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Building any department from scratch is not an easy task. This is especially true for sales. Working with people, and even more so presenting them with a product, requires certain skills and abilities.

How to create a sales department
How to create a sales department


Step 1

Before creating a sales department, decide what goals you set for yourself. If this is a new product sale, you need active, confident managers who can overcome resistance from potential buyers. In addition, you need a person who will be responsible for brand promotion. Timely advertising aimed at the target audience can significantly increase the flow of customers. If the company expands and requires the creation of another department that will sell a popular product, an additional marketer or brand manager is not required.

Step 2

Hire only professionals for the new department. At first, all the time will be spent on agreeing on working points and attracting new customers. And for this you need to have a certain amount of baggage. Look for candidates who are fluent in a computer, have experience of so-called "cold" calls. Employees should be able to work with a large amount of information, work in a "crunch" mode, have an already accumulated client base. Of course, specialists will have to pay more. But they will live up to your expectations by increasing the company's profits from product sales.

Step 3

In addition to managers, start looking for a competent manager. The head of the department should be not only an experienced salesperson, but also a subtle psychologist. He needs to divide the interests of employees so that they do not intersect with each other. This will avoid controversy about new clients and not find out why one got more money for their work than the other. And for this, the head of the department must develop a motivation system. Percentage wages work best in sales. That is, it implies a constant, not very high salary. The managers earn the rest of the money on their own, having a commission from the transaction. Interest may vary depending on the amount of the contract. This method encourages employees to actively work to attract profitable customers. The salary of the head of the sales department can also be piecework and depend on the profit of the entire department.

Step 4

For the first time, three managers and a department head will be enough. If things go well, the department could be expanded with less experienced staff. Of course, they will need the help of senior colleagues first. But the salary of young specialists can be set lower and adjusted depending on the success of the work.

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