How To Leave To Live In The USA

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How To Leave To Live In The USA
How To Leave To Live In The USA

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The American dream, the opportunity to achieve everything from scratch, has seduced more than one adventurous nature with its allure. The popular culture that has conquered the world is concentrated primarily in the United States. It is not surprising that many people want to go to live and work there. It is not for nothing that America is called a country of immigrants, because it gives anyone a chance to start all over again.

How to leave to live in the USA
How to leave to live in the USA

It is necessary

  • 1. International passport.
  • 2. The required amount of funds.
  • 3. Additional documents, depending on the type of immigration.


Step 1

One of the legal and quickest ways to obtain a residence permit is to open a business in the United States or buy an existing business. This method is good in terms of paperwork, for the embassy you would be a respectable person, ready to work for the American economy. The downside is that in this case, you need a significant amount of money.

Step 2

You can immigrate to the United States as a refugee. To do this, you must leave for the United States, and apply to the embassy for this status. To be recognized as a refugee, you must have proof that you are being persecuted in your home country on the basis of race, religious or political beliefs, or any other valid reason.

Step 3

If you are not oppressed in your homeland, but you still want to leave, you can try to find yourself a groom or a bride in the USA. For example, register on foreign dating sites, fill out your profile in detail and try to actively communicate with everyone. For this, of course, you will have to improve your English. If you manage to persuade someone to come to visit you, or you are invited to your place, take more photos together, they will be needed to confirm your relationship in the future.

Step 4

In the event that you have been a member of a religious organization that is recognized as a non-profit in the United States for more than two years, you can get a religious visa for 5 years. You can use it to come and leave America several times. To do this, you need to prove the connection between your religion and a religious organization located in the United States.

Step 5

In order to go to live in the United States, you can get an official job offer from some American company. You just need to find an employer who is ready to deal with the lengthy and difficult procedure of paperwork so that you can get a visa.

Step 6

Perhaps you have close relatives in America, US citizens. They can apply for family reunification, after which you will be given an immigrant visa.

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